The case of the missing power chords. What are the chances?

I lent my buddy my behringer XENYX802 Mixer so he can practice with his band.  The mixer has been returned to me but I was informed he still needed to retreive the ac power adapter.  He seems to be built on integrity and told me that he would pick it up for me and return it.  If I had to, I would have picked it up because I understand it's easy to forget a power chord.  However, if it was his OWN mixer, do you think he would have forgotten it in the first place?  Furthermore, my Stanton T.80 turntable was dropped off at a record store to get fixed by the owners "guy."  I emailed the owner and asked if he had a status because I was leaving in a couple days and needed to get it back.  He told me it can sometimes take 10 to 15 working days.  I told him that I hope we can work it out, and that I thought it would be a shorter time.  Low and behold, the turntable shows up the next day, I receive a phone call and email from the owner, and it didn't even need a new motor.  I arrive to the record store and he turns the platter to show me that it is in working condition.  (How do I really know this without plugging it in and then turning it on?)  I ask him where the power chord is and then the bad vibes start coming.  He calls his "guy," who clearly lost the chord and tells me I can take the turntable now or tomorrow, when he will BUY me a new chord.  He says it works because the guy tested it, so I ask him how could he test it without the power chord?  He was already frustrated, so he said I can come back tomorrow and pick up both items.  I hope the turntable works when I plug the thing in.  And I hope he buys the power chord.  This all started because I thought the motor was dead, but it looks like a case of cleaning out some dust from the inside parts.  I'm power chorded out.

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