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Any Age range! I've done this with friends, family, kids, and fellow musicians in the past.  I love bringing creative energy and humor; there are no restrictions whatsoever in the creation of a hip hop beat!  Allow me to be your vessel. Having an ear for music is all you need.  Groups up to 3 may also use Beat Interactive.

                                                                                       How Does Beat Interactive work?

  1. I preview drum sounds while YOU pick the ones you’d like to be included in the song.  We will be adding kicks, snares, hi hats, claps, 808 if wanted and so on.
  2. I preview different instruments and you pick the ones to be included.
  3. I preview different FX and you pick the ones to be included.
  4. I preview different drum loops and you pick the ones to be included
  5. We create the beat together using the elements you selected.  Obviously, if time allows, we can add more and more, or tweak more and more. 
  6. We must start the export process around the two hour mark - meaning putting your song into tangible and digital means; a CD and file.  
  7. You will have a hip hop beat that you created forever and ever.   How freaking cool is that?
  8. You will receive a physical CD with a high quality WAVE file and Mp3 file to be played in a car or other CD medium. You will also be emailed the WAVE and Mp3 file. The file can then be shared in email if wanted, or used to make more CDs, or to upload to YouTube.
  9. If we make a banger we will discuss our approach.

Beat Interactive at your Residence below

Beat Interactive Collaboration - Your Residence - Greater Cleveland, Ohio Area - TWO HOURS
  • Beat Interactive Collaboration - Your Residence - Greater Cleveland, Ohio Area - TWO HOURS


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Increased charge for vehicle travel and bringing mobile gear, speakers if necessary. You pick all sounds and take home your own hip hop beat. You will also receive a physical CD with a high quality WAVE file and Mp3 file. The Mp3 and WAVE file will also be emailed to you. Note, instrumental creation only; no vocal recording.

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Hi, I'm Shaun and I'm a Music Vessel at Beat Interactive, a service of Unbelievable Beats.  This is big because I'm most likely the first Music Vessel.  And this is what it's all about; a lively human collaborative effort.  I'm an author, substitute teacher, basketball coach, past camp counselor, and my instrumentals have been featured on major TV networks.

I empower those who want to take home a hip hop beat!  Achieving a flow state is also probable. 

Obviously, working with kids is great - I will show them and inspire them exactly what it's like to compose a beat. They'll have a huge sense of accomplishment!

Many like to take home paintings and crafts in collaborative environments; in this case you are taking home music that you created!! That you can play in your car with your family!  That you can share with friends at school! 

With that said, all age ranges are acceptable.  I understand you may want a collab within a collab - so having a group of 3 people is acceptable.  Parents or guardians of kids may stay inside my apartment and take part or observe.