Exclusive Beats for Lyricists and Media Sync and Master Use

Thank you for listening.  These tracks are for streaming purposes only and downloads are prohibited.  The tracks are copyrighted and signed to a publisher exclusively and utilized on network television.

This is to demonstrate Shaun's abilities in the hip hop realm.

Note: Trapped in a Church Bell available for lyricists or Film/TV as well as Media Master Use and Synchronization.

Master Use and Sync

Synchronization and Master Use Info and Agreement below

Regarding  Audio Visual Projects, Film, TV, Radio, and media, the Synchronization and Master use Exclusive License can be previewed here.  


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Adding Lyrics Agreement

With an Exclusive Beat when an artist adds lyrics, The Master Recording is transferred to you, we split streaming royalties 50/50, we share the song composition 50/50 [lyrics are you, music is me] & the remainder of agreement is standard.

An exclusive beat is $125.00

The exclusive licensing agreement can be previewed here