Producer to DJ?

 I have been producing original music from scratch since age 5 or 6.  Currently at age 31, I will soon attempt the leap from producer to DJ.  It seems to me that in most cases (i.e. Dr. Dre), DJ's are the ones who make the transition - but it's from a DJ to Producer.  Deep inside of me I don't like the fact that being a DJ simply plays songs, while producing from a blank canvas is just that - creating!  I'm sure I can bring originality to my sets, learn the energy from the crowd, and overall have more networking opportunities while DJing.  Producing music at home can be solitary, while DJing is anything but that.   I have the Native Instruments S2 controller and the Traktor Kontrol F1, and it's time for me to practice, practice, and practice! - Ean Golden Depeche Mode Live Remix

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