My turntable is ready! Vinyl is Fun! (And sounds better than digital)

 I got the email from Morrison today, owner of Neat Neat Neat Records in Fort Wayne.  I am grateful that he told me everything is working on the Stanton T.80.  He's got a pretty cool shop as well.  There are high end turntables for sale as well as many vinyl records.  Vinyl is vintage and vinyl is cool.  There is just something special about spinning records on turntables.  It's a physical substance you can hold in your hand, feel, and see the cool artwork on the record casing.  This is something that Mp3s and digital computers can never touch.  The best part is that vinyl SOUNDS better than digital because it was recorded with analog equipment.  I hope kids today realize they can still buy vinyl records, that they hold value, and that they sound awesome.

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