My Studio Signal Chain and where all my sounds are coming from

 I've got the studio setup in the basement with all the same casts of characters.   I have revamped the signal flow a little bit though.  My Dell Laptop i5 is the hub, which has a USB breakout with 4 connections.  Connected to the four slots is the Digi Design MBox 2, Roland Fantom X-8 USB, External Hard drive, and Dell printer.  The other remaining USB ports on my computer are for the mouse and ilok key.  I have the digital SPDIF output from the Roland Fantom X-8 hooked up to the MBox 2's digital SPDIF input.  The Stanton Turntable is connected to the Behringer XENYX802 Mixer (RCA left and right outputs into 1/4" left and right inputs on the behringer mixer).  The Mixer's Main outs go from Left and Right 1/4" outputs into the Line Level input of the MBox2.  In this way, anything connected to the mixer (stanton turntable, microphone, Roland Handsonic 10, or Television) can be ran line out from the mixer into the line in of the digi design MBox2.  I also have monitors and a headphone output.  The creative possibilities are endless as my sound pallete includes .WAV drum kits in FL Studio, Sytrus in FL Studio, Alieno VST, other free VSTS, Reason, All sounds from the Fantom X, all old Vinyl Records for sampling, The Roland Handsonic 10, the microphone, and even the T.V.

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