How to YouTube Properly

 Many videos on YouTube are flat out not posted the proper way for optimal traffic and results.  For some people, they may not care.  Others are trying to get views yet still don't do some very easy steps.
1.) Title your video correctly and something with keywords that will attract users and show up in search engine results.
2.) Use the description area to link to a website.
3.) Select the best thumbnail picture to attract your audience.
4.) Tag your video properly with tags that are relevant.
5.) Post a video response on a relevant video.  In this way, you can piggy pack on a video with millions of views.  Sometimes you will get lucky and your video will be automatically approved.  Other times, you have to wait to get approved by the video owner.
You can post a "video response" by clicking where you normally would post a text response, and like magic, the video response button appears.
6.) Your video must have high quality video and audio.  Users judge a video based on the audio (even though they might not realize it) after a few seconds.

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