Adele Remix: Skyfall (James Bond Theme 2012)

 I recently got inspired by the piano at the beginning of Skyfall as well as the lyrics.  I sampled the piano, did some time stretching, set up the drum beat, added a bassline, arranged the song, mixed each track, and had my dad add a piano solo.  I also did what I call a "lyrical interpretation," where I go off what the artist and songwriters already mentioned in their lyrics.  In this one I used alot of what Adele said and only changed things up a little.  I was in the studio for a good 4 hours or more, which went through the night until 1 or 2 in the morning.  That tends to happen when you get inspired!  The free track is available here: Skyfall Mp3 - Adele Hip Hop Remix or just look below the video to get the Mp3 or Podcast to your iTunes library!

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