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Stealth Mission

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boost health, chef skills, cage, dystopia, chinese food combining, tracking, Tecumseh, Utopia, police brutality, violence vs peace


I write rhymes to keep me going like a life line
Play hide and go seek-n-see what the mic finds
It’ll probably find me, in my live feed
Life can be so slimy, now would you follow my lead?

Allow me to reintroduce self!
Instead of shooting at each other how bout we aim to boost health?
I came to bring stealth mission, with precision
Combining in the kitchen Whip it, Mix it and Flip it Up

Using Chef Skills to claim my best kill
I’m a cage I’m left still but still my rage is fresh real
I think we’ve reached the tipping point; boiling over now
Cannot avoid the conversation even when it comes unannounced

I dis those during these dystopian times
With Sick Flows even though I am a peaceful guy [Constrict Boa]
I’m feeling pressure body and mind
So applied, space between rhymes

Adjust spine for long life
Have a pineapple slice
Try Chinese Food Combining, it’s really quite nice
Absorb the energy, trust your second Brain’s gut
Run against the grain maintain placement of main foot

Be the mainstay show your thick mane as a lion does
What’s all this fuss and fighting about?
How bout you try to love?
What’s all the guns and knife’s all about?
It’s like your mind is numb
I know that you’re in doubt but don’t succumb

Digital Thumbprints [foot], where you came where you went
They even know the gym you did you lunges
If we only took the lessons of Tecumseh
Absorbed the message we can all live in abundance

Blossom, off the land in a Utopian state
I thought this was the place that is so great
How come this is the place with all the rape?
Where we took human beings and made em slaves[Why a breeding ground of scheming clowns with hate]
For the money the power the greed, Ugly and sour to me
Cook us in ovens, or suffocate those who tryina breathe
I’m aghasted by the past
Some still gasping for air
Man, how long can it last and
Do you even care?

If you are even aware of it
Cause nowadays it seems we only prepare puppets
We teach hate at the place of dinner plates
Wait a minute, I thought we just learned of sins and saints

The cycle’s gotta stop man something’s gotta give
We’re walkin’ on a tight rope and you know it’s thin
And we don’t wanna fall beneath, or even call police
If we can solve with peace

[Shaun W Friedman Copyright June 2020]