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UnbelievableBeats.com - Home of the most original, creative, and imaginative hip hop beats on the net, inspiring Lyricists and Audio Visual Projects across the planet. Feel the beat and download music, rap, and hip hop beats and instrumentals.  East Coast, West Coast, and South Side are all represented in this collection of bangin' hip hop beats and instrumentals.  Shaun is very passionate about music and composing.  He strives to push the envelope, and his music is very inspiring to artists that write lyrics to his beats and instrumentals and those who use his music in Audio Visual, Advertising, and Radio.


"Passionate Music that evokes true feelings, thoughts, and emotions from listeners."

Original music that pushes the envelope and boundaries of sound

Original Free Beat Vault - 107 free beats and 71 free loops
Remixes & Mash
Lyrical Covers
Original Shaun's songs {Album {2008} and Underground one-offs by Shaun}
Beats and instrumentals licensing store - synchronization/master use licensing and leasing {non-exclusive} for lyricists 
For those interested in music composition, look to YouTube Tutorials, GlobalHeatWave.com, and the FL Studio Cookbook.

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