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How the CoronaVirus Pandemic Affects and Exposes so very much! 

It's remarkable, astonishing, and heartbreaking - how the many ways Covid19 has turned our world upside down. Sure, sprinkled in learning moments and joy exist, but by and large the changes have been hard to accept and deal with for many.  It's a total shape shift of society.  When we "make it back," what "back" do we arrive at?  So, there seems to be a sense that we'd have to make proper adjustments when we" open up the economy" and return. Deep down we know the changes are needed and critical.  Then there's the chip and vaccine discussion.

The Covid19 has closed public schools across the USA.  This is heart wrenching as meals are provided there.  Thankfully, kind and courageous people are helping parents pick up meals in a curbside type of situation via the school parking lot. Of course, no contact pickup and deliveries have increased exponentially during this pandemic. Parents may have also lost their job.  Of course, who is to teach the young ones?  At first, a home schooling schedule was released and shared online. Then jokey memes concluded "the hell with it" and joked to pay teachers triple current salaries because they found out how hard it is to teach.   All the aspects that children in school are going through is the microcosm of the coronavirus. It's like our society got displaced.  Soon, parents realized their kids simply needed to be happy and not stressed; their mindframe ,mental health and pscologocial state are paramount.  What's the use in them witnessing you stressed out trying to attempt a lesson?  That does bring the aspect of stress in general.  We shouldn't get too stressed or in a panic with the news of CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS and the like. Of course, being informed and reviewing plentiful sources of material helps one to be knowledgeable on how to protect oneself and the laws for your given locality.  For 12th graders in my home state of Ohio, if they have kept up with teachers plans and completed a satisfactory amount of work, they will be able to graduate!  We have a great governor named Mike DeWine.

The stay at home orders of many USA states make the population feel very isolated and lonely.  As humans, we need social connection, hugs, and gatherings; this has been taken away from us. No hugging is especially not good as women need one hug a day, and it is a boost of emotion for all.

Anyone, anywhere in America, may have lost their job, especially restaurants and bars.  Many have resorted to pick up only. Unemployment claims set records.. In Ohio (my home state), restaurants are now allowed to sell Alcohol for curbside pick up in your car!!  

We can't really go anywhere except to retrieve essentials; pharmacies, grocery stores, and the like.  Grocery Store workers and gig economy delivery drivers have become the heroes!!!  Do they deserve 15.00 per hour? As demonstrated by the effects of the Coronavirus, this appears to be true.  In grocery stores, measures are being taken including a distancing template where your feet go, plexiglass in front of cashiers, one way traffic in aisles, and a rigorous cleaning schedule.  Early morning hours are sometimes dedicated to senior citizens, those with immune issues, and first responders.  The true heroes are our medical staff, who are overloaded and both physically and mentally drained.  Helping patients around the clock, trying to protect themselves with sometimes minimal gear,and worrying about carrying it to family at home make it both incredibly courageous and incredibly challenging.  Medical workers are truly on the front lines. Salute.

The stimulus payment collided head on with the merits of socialism.  

The toilet paper hoarders greedily rampaged the shelves.  Quick shout out- no one mentioned that the toilet paper buyers were actually right!!!  Not the super greedy ones, but toilet paper was indeed needed, seen by the many stay at home orders of most USA states.

Treating each other as humans was difficult during parts of the virus.  Sometimes, nurses would not interact at all and be very quick around patients.  This is understandable.  This is also heart wrenching.  What is the distance? 12 feet? 20? Does it travel outdoors? You've got to use some common sense.  As a tip, I actually got tested.  They made sure my window was not down AT ALL as I drove my car through their garage.  The airborne aspect may be significant.  This information wasn't truly there when people worked out in suburbs and parks.  The movie Live Free or Die Hard has a fire sale where they manipulate or extinguish electricity,city grid,satellite, computers, and the like.  This virus strains at the inner workings of life, affecting income, learning, health, and quality of life.

The NBA has been suspended along with other sports.  That's a shame because it was one of the most exciting seasons in years.

Alas, many NBA players got tested first.  The wealthy and elite had access first.  Straight out of a movie like Hunger Games.

Speaking of the tests, they were and are definitely hard to get.  I am eternally grateful for my hometown of Cleveland Clinic.  As mentioned, I was able to get tested with a Nasal Swab in a drive up fashion, complete with police and hospital staff.  The Cleveland Clinic happens to be one of the most excellent hospitals on the planet.

How can we interact with each other when we have to assume everyone is infected?  

To mask or not to mask?  Apparently, mask it is - made out of a thick fabric or two and wrapped around your ears. I need to find a way to have two protruding devices on a hat to fasten around instead of my ears.  Ear fatigue is real!  Alas, another effect of the Corona. However, a winter type headband can simply go over your face as proven by my curbside comrade. 

Moreover, your willpower is tested.  Those already used to a regime of sobriety and working out will most likely continue to have their admiral willpower.  We are locked down and issued stay at home orders and to shelter in place.  Some have begun to get a little stir crazy. The issue of fear and panic mixed with the choices to ensue resemble something more horrible than Hunger Games, Apocalyptic movies, Or alien Sci Fi-sh.  This virus is hitting on all cylinders.  So, because some are "sick of this," they want this "to end already" - would they get injected with a vaccine? It's looking that way. Does the government want control? Does this sound like a conspiracy theory? Did molestation in the Church sound like one of those theories? How about Pedophilia inside Hollywood? The end goal is always power and control.  The coronavirus appears to be carefully planted trap of sorts, that shook up our everyday life in ways unimaginable. We are getting tired of it. Is a chip coming? Is a vaccine?  This vaccine may also make us docile; this of course is a harrowing concept but an issue with the vaccine. It may change our dna and manipulate us into dull slaves for the elite. The loss of identity and job is already more "dull" then we're used to; I urge you to use the phone.  Just the other day I phoned friend, the my laughter set a good tone for the day.  Could the vaccine turn is into unknowing servants? A bit shocking to think about.  Alas, a revolution is still a possibility.  

Will States now revolt against their own, our own, president of the United States?

Isn't it so predictable how people are now getting tired of the stay at home orders and want to "open up" the economy like Trump?

All these tag lines. Shelter in Place. Stay at Home. Flatten the Curve. Self Quarantine. Quarantine. Social Distancing.   Stop the Spread.

Nobody knows what is going on. But it hurts. And it's puzzling. It's odd.

What happens when we "get back?"  Again, we don' know for sure. But we know it will be changed and different than the previous rendition.