(Verse 1)
Ricochet just like I do, we gotta make a better day (Why?)
Terrorists wherever I look, religion causing divide
I see it so clear, based on fear, focused on genocide
Wit a bit of hocus pocus I can hope that love will still arrive

We're just human beings, you and me, all made from that stardust
Once upon a time, we acted kind, and had unspoken trust (Now)
Woe is us, woah what's up? When it’s loaded guns and it's pouring blood
Outside, another body in the morgue or a sword stuck in my side

Oh we have it all, but seems like we just know war and blood
Human beings: Jealousy, greed, envy, deceit, and battles of god above
I travel into the future, I see many machines
Let's not destroy ourselves, and feed what the planet needs

And many questions in the sky of space-less time
Drift away does modern man into those ancient times
See the future's like the past, yet the past is shootin through ya
It's ludacris and loco how we kill with those bazookas

(Chorus 1 - repeat once)
Put the gun down Human Being
Be a Beacon now, Karma equals out
We are now open for service, welcome to the circus
Got evil clowns now and you can bet they'll make ya nervous

(Verse 2)
Human beings so beautiful yet religion turns them rotten
Instead of mending we look to be-headings and then chop em
That type of hatred breaks my heart, and rips humans apart
Beliefs that we agreed to be instilled right from the start

But still we turn a new page, the jukebox plays
From the rooftop bar to get out from dark days
They can't control us, because it's how we react
I am a fit individual it's how I adapt

Yeah survival of the fittest and my rivals will admit it
Better yourself and focus, notice there is no competition
We only feel the friction when we are afraid to listen
We can't ignore it now, gotta stop the morbid mission

And the school shootings, bully bruisings, teasing on
Objectifying via social medium
Human being please put the gun down...
Be a teacher now and someone which someone could be proud

(Chorus ending - one repeat at outro)
Put the gun down human being
Be a teacher now
You can reach em now
We are now mostly uncertain and when we close the curtain
What kind of place did we leave for all our future earthlings?

Put the gun down human being
Be a leader now
Show some reason now
We are now desperate for action
Deploying assassins
We think we have it all yet it seems something is lacking