Respect All, Work Smart, Think Team, Live Well
See it Own It, Do Right, Giant Eagle Ring the Bell
Checkout, be safe, please keep your distance
See them shelves stacked? That’s our work that’s persistent

We take pride in being your local grocery
So let us provide green lettuce it’s as fresh can be
Section B has the products for your cold and cough
Considering applying your perks, for gas or plentiful things you bought

Curbside to Grocery, Seafood to Deli
I front end receive and meat chicken at pork Belly
The floors healthy clean, Tanganika sanitizes
We got the shoestring, the steak, and the seasoned fries

You can often find limes near the pineapple
Next to the grapefruit, Aisle 8’s Snapple
Various types of apples, Fuji and the Honeycrisp
Even in Aisle 10 you can find a pen and Loose Leaf

Deserving of the Hazard Pay, We were deemed Essential
Putting our bodies at risk and yes the stress is mental
So at the very least, would you please be respectful
Have a nice day and don’t forget your Uncle Ben’s yo

Have a cheese tray with some crackers on the side
Pair it with a cold beer, liquor, or a fine wine
You can find most things that you need here
But be gracious show patience if you ever wait in long lines

Giant Eagle Legacy, in Dairy find the cheddar cheese
Bartlett pears and kitchen ware it’s hard to find a better team
Steaming veggies in a bag, Birds Eye or store brand
Otherwise you follow signs and grab a can for your hand!

The core plan is respect all think team
Grab a plastic ball for your kid and then a chicken wing
Even got that Listerine, and plenty of Pinto beans
Don Herman and Claussen are on the pickle scene

You should combine them with sandwiches of your choice
Share a testimonial accumulate points
The pork loin comes in center cut chops
You can grab a bunch of coins and cash out inside the shop

So many services it’s hard to choose the best one
When you’re the chef tonight don’t forget we carry breadcrumbs
We have your back in plenty shape, form, and fashion
Never hesitate to visit us, where? Lyndhurst. Thanks! You’re Welcome