1. We Got a Sub!
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Good morning ladies and gentlemen look we got a sub
I do appreciate, all of those that show love
But other times, the disrespect knows no bounds
I need an anechoic chamber [what’s that], a place with no sound

Rudeness as a badge of honor? That’s ruthless
In a sticky situation; glue sticks
Mr. Friedman’s reputation – he be too lit
I’m just 90s guy – so teach me how to do the shoot kids!!

For your amusement, but please don’t lose it
See back in the day, I was like you on my new Schwinn
Pedaling on my 10 speed
Dream of petting Benji
So many vivid memories
Please don’t litter on my street

Now have a seat and I’ll politely give you a pencil
Increase your mental prowess, propel you till you’re well bloomed
I just wanna help you, at the end of thee day
So you can see it clear; slow motion replay

Yeah I’ll do the shoot but look learning comes FIRST son
Open up¬¬ the pages of your book I’ll show you some real fun
See these other guys, they don’t have the time nor the passion
You could run your whole life, [and what?] and still never pass him

Circumference and Mathematics¬
Have a Michael Jackson Monday
When it’s time for lunch take one Tray
Have a hunch it’s my day [no way]
Mr. Friedman did it
And please don’t be a stander upper you know that’s forbidden [right]

Here are your bars, upon request, now who’s next and
I don’t think I’m star, and please don’t hate on my flex
I bring teaching moments, try not to get roasted
See they love to bake a sub ¬but it’s the profession I choose man!

Now can I get a level zero
Without that, it makes it very hard to connect
Never doubt that Mr. Friedman aint about rap
Yeah I made a mistake, but watch now how I bounce back

My main directive is to follow lesson plans
And at the end of the day, sometimes I get the lesson and
Never ever ever would I wanna reprimand but
Lend me your hand, there’s just so much we can expand on

Yeah I’ll spit bars, but listen, I’m in charge
Find how to use Science to colonize people on Mars [it might be needed man!]

And be the change you wanna see in the world
With super quick decisions reflexes you’ve seen in Squirrel! [the universe likes speed]