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Lyrical Highrise - Set your own price! December 12 2017 and up

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I linger like a butterfly, puncture like a bee
Kinda makes ya wonder when my uppercut comes bursting from the seams
Excrement flows is not what I’m about
I shout Excellent Poems, when I enter Towns

Not like I need a huge Entrance or Nothing
Extra Centric, follows no amendments
Not a Hollow Scare Crow but the flow is rare bigger
Anoint Crowns to Kings next to the river, make ya bones shiver

Go figure, it was this guy
Proverbial Flip Fry Joke, naw that’s not my Flow Defined
Molest ya destination leave no trace of where you flew
Prepare for Blue Skies, these flowers can’t wait to Bloom

And you open up your heart says my Yoga Teacher
Cast thoughts aside, you already have everything to Provide
I spread wide Glide use my mind to lift and fly
They say we only use a Sliver of our brain, [you think] that’s fine

We’re an element combination, Pry and Open Up
Tears Sliding Down Cheeks yeah it’s part of Growing up
I’m sick of all that boring stuff, Might Decide to Pour it Up
I’m that super corny guy some say I’m like a dork and stuff

It’s fine by me, I’m Mr. Friedman Believe in
Cleveland’s where I come from, ditty Dum skitty skeezin
Step out of my Circumference, Don’t curse or utter dumb shit
I’ll make ya rutter stall, then I ball out, talk of what I once did

I Pump it up, The Clumsy ones get Punked, What?
Betta Clutch ya Loves Ones, Wonder where he comes from
Around the way sir, where the Wave Form was born
And can’t be traced by Radar, thankfully no great storm

With a blue or red pill
Salt to what they tell you
Caution cause the bell tolls to every fellows neck [ohhh]
So we live with creatures,
Forces , creases
In many dark places, still carried by speakers

Connection of the chords conjures up the umbilical
Step into rare form from bobby to smooth criminal
Tyson, Jackson, Johnson,Phelps
Lyrical weapons felt, Amen but can’t be helped

Melt Down to the Bare Bone Bristle [Thunderstorm]
Shout out with a rare poem whistle [perfect form]
Clever mind elevate, I make a fine dinner date
You can rate my sins, but my mission is incinerate