This life can break a man

Would you like to be my friend, how?

Come Fly with Peter Pan Now

We might never land now

This life can break a man

Would you like to be my friend, how?

Come Fly with Peter Pan, now

We’re off to Never Neverland, now


Stop drop and listen to the words that I speak

This version of me

This verse is for free

If you believe that

Blood sweat and tears is not currency

I beg to differ; now this will live in infamy

Let it simmer on the stovetop

So vigorous it won’t stop

I comment on the comet that I promise makes the Earth Stop

But I prefer not to go down that road

And will you catch me when I let go?

Cirque- to – the soul

I’m worth more than gold and so are you

The chosen few who will flow on through

Through sticks and stones that are thrown at you

Overcoming and Wondering bout that One Kid

Who undid all the shackles that we’re chained to him in dungeons

I come in peace, no mal intentions hidden underneath

There’s no prevention of the heat

Why don’t you let me eat?

And mind your manners

Lend me your ear, Evander

You wanna believe banter why do you fear the Candor?


The truth makes it easy but a lie makes it easy

Why am I not surprised when these guys get preachy?

Defeat me and I’ll shake your hand

Come fly with Peter Pan

This life can break a man

Would you like to be my friend?

Would you like to make amends?

Would you like to taste the blend?

Would you push it to the brim?

Could you not look back again?

Yet in a gentle way, you can shake the world

Or in a Russell Westbrook way, you can straight break the rim

It’s whatever those hustlers say

Crispy pizza crust today

How ever I bust today

Is he clever, or am I nuts today?

Gotta get a lot of bucks today

Aww shucks got stuck today

Got five bucks? Ok

Let me go find funds, you can trust me, man

When it comes to honesty I’m the one you can count on, see

Not an ounce of me is dealing with mislead or begging to crown a King

The bedding surrounds me, what am I amounting to?

What is that sound I hear, drink from the fountain of youth


Stop drop and listen cause I’m out of control

Thought I was digging out of a hole

But I’m slipping farther into

And who knew it was me?

Always want you to prove it to me

I could put it loosely or narrow the sparrow leaves the cage freed

I’m barely getting going isn’t it great to see?

I’m staring at poem feeling razor thin

I’m raising plenty stakes Friedman raise your chin

Learn to take the gracious way

But it’s easier said than, you know the rest

Got an angle on my right side devil on left

And I’m feeling his breath

Trying to coax me the most see

I’m mostly doing right

But it’s hard to control things

I understand that reaction is the talking point

The choice you have when bad happenings get deployed

And why do bad things happen to good people?

Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can truly fight the evil