Chloe Can I Take You Out

Chloe Can I Take You Out? Simply a fun, jubilant song brought to you by Shaun Friedman. Why the song? I was enamored by a hairdresser named Chloe, who I stumbled upon inside of a Great Clips Hair Salon. I wanted to make a claim of my own "girl song," which musicians and songwriters have done for decades, it seems.

Remeber Sara from the 1980s?

How about My Best Friend's Girl by the Cars?

Perhaps Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield?

Most recently at the end 2019, Arizona Zervas with Roxanne!

I now present to you Chloe Can I Take You Out, the 13th Track on Hip Hopsciousness a tribute to Chloe and all Chloe's of the world.  I hope you and your friends get a laugh out of it, maybe a little tease to a friend or relative.