Musician Website Love: Michael St. George

Every week, we highlight one of our favorite websites on Bandzoogle.

Who: Michael St. George
What:  Dub Artist
Where: Hamilton, ON, Canada
Why his website rocks: Michael St. George’s site features a great header image, and we especially love…


Musician Website Love: Erica Perry

Every week, we highlight one of our favorite websites on Bandzoogle.   

Who: Erica Perry    
What: Country Bohemian Singer - Songwriter
Where:  Leander, Texas
Why her website rocks: Because it totally suits her style! Self-proclaimed 'Gypsy Soul', Erica found one…


7 Essential Elements for your Band’s Digital Press Kit

When creating your website, you have to think about the different kinds of people that will be visiting it. These can be your current fans, potential new fans, as well as media/bloggers, bookers and other industry people. 

For that…


8 Road Safety Tips for Musicians on Tour

This is a guest from Darren Gallop. Darren is the CEO of Marcato Musician, a web-based artist management software. Darren is a former touring musician who gained lots of wisdom from pounding the pavement throughout North America. In this

Bandzoogle at Folk Music Ontario Conference This Week!

This week our Director of Artist Relations Dave Cool is attending one of his favourite conferences, Folk Music Ontario (formerly OCFF). The conference takes place October 17-20 at the Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

This annual…

Hans Zimmer time and Inception Remix 

I recently finished a Hans Zimmer remix.  The track is titled "time" from the Inception Soundtrack starring Leonardo Dicaprio.  The piano from Hans and the Christopher Nolan movie made for a great film, and this remix could be viewed as…

The Myth of the Overnight Success

This is an excerpt from David Hooper’s book ‘Six-Figure Musician – How to Sell More Music, Get More People to Your Shows, and Make More Money in the Music Business’, which you can get for FREE here:

David has…