The Wonderful Thinkers behind the FL Studio Cookbook

Who are the People behind the FL Studio Cookbook

The FL Studio Cookbook teaches so much because it mixes Shaun Friedman with amazing viewpoints of intellectual reviewers, mixed with the direction of Packt Publishers in Mumbai and United Kingdom. 

You’ll learn how to “make a beat,” – but the little nuances are most crucial.  “Giving a Human Feel” is arguably the most important thing to do in music production. Hasn’t Wu Tang taught you anything? 

The cookbook shows how to create  your “beat,” mix your beat with EQ [equalization], Delay, Reverb etc., arrange your beat, add Midi virtual Instruments and use physical midi devices [volume slider, circular knobs, pads, buttons], Record Audio [vocals, guitar, keyboard, anything], create Automation/suspense, give that human feel, Mastering, and exporting to Wave, Mp3, and separate mixer tracks if needed.  Volume and Panning are perhaps the most fundamental characters, which shape your musical canvas, and FL Studio makes them easy to access in the beat sequencer. 

Keyboard shortcuts are tossed throughout. 

Esteemed reviewers are Bostjan Cigan, Xavier Durand-Hollis Jr, Rodney Hazard, Anish Patel, Shant Rising, and Jasper Staal.

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