Mac's, Audio, Snotty attitude and arrogance

 What is with the Mac and PC battle?  Specifically, why do people think that having a Mac is a necessity for creating any type of decent audio.  The only argument they may be applicable is for recording live instruments.  If you are recording a guitar or "miking" up an amplifier, it could be greater quality to go straight into Pro Tools, Logic, or even Garage Band!  (haha, bet I got you there!).  Yes, for straight drum set and live bands that may be better.  The rest of the spectrum is even.  And the rest of the spectrum can only constitute electronic music and all of its counterparts.  It all depends on how you compose and the workflow that suits you best.  From cubase to reason to reaper to pro tools to ableton live, the DAW race is a tight battle indeed, with the Mac or PC platform at the top of the plateu.  I say it's pure marketing genius by Steve Jobs, to make products that really are of superior quality.  That's why I believe the audio is better on Macs.  Is it the platform or the DAW? Or a mixture?  Audio on a Mac seems of higher quality and the internal parts and chasis of the whole computer have better parts than PCs.  Then again, Pro Tools is said to have the exact same Algorhythm as iTunes.  Same thing with garage band and logic.  Notice these are all Mac.  They have a whole structure of audio programs and a cult like status.  That being said, 99% of my catalog has been done on a PC.  I use the combination of FL Studio and Reason.  I use Reason's synths within FL Studio and it is extremely powerful.  Oh no, Mac's are making me feel bad again...

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