Business: Maximizing Profits, Squeezing the all mighty dollar

Derek Sivers, founder of C.D. Baby, is claiming all long as you are profitable in your business and money is in the bank, you don't have to necessarily squeeze every penny out of every corner.  More specifically, you don't have to speak the "corporate jargon" that comes from those with MBA degrees, who talk of maximizing profits, growth, and other terms of the like.  Derek says that as long as you are happy, you don't have to go to those extremes.  He compares it to the mob, and when they ran the city of Las Vegas.  All the mob cared about was that more money was coming in than coming out.  They didn't care for the nitty gritty details.  When corporations bought up the casinos from the mob, there was suddenly a .25 cent charge to get ketchup on your hotdog!  That is the beef that Derek Sivers has with corporations who try to maximize profits.  I could see his point of view. Micromanaging isn't the best tactic because it may cramp your employees and they may not enjoy the workplace.  This is a very fine line.  In business, the main point is to make money? Right.  Or is the main point to be happy?  We all know you need money to live.  Derek himself has been wildy successful.  I find it convenient that someone who is well off and with plenty of money in the bank is the one claiming you don't need to maximize profits.  I can see both sides of this story.  It definitely varies upon the business structure you have and the segment you are in.  Raising .25 cents to put ketchup on a hot dog might just alienate your customers staying at the hotel and put a bad taste in their mouth.  

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