Bandzoogle Eurotrip: CEO David Dufresne heads to MaMA in France & WOMEX in Wales

Our CEO David Dufresne is off to Europe for 10 days to attend a couple of conferences. First he’ll be in Paris for the MaMA Festival & Convention (October 16-18), then he’ll head to Cardiff, Wales for WOMEX (October 23-27). Here are the details:

MaMA Festival & Convention
Paris, France
October 16-18

David will be speaking on two panels at the MaMA Conference:

Website Demolition Derby
Thursday, October 17
10:30 - 11:30PM

The Website Demolition Derby returns to MaMA. David will lead this panel along with Virginie Berger (France, marketing expert and founder of DBTH), which will also include speakers Jérôme Coic (France, Deezer - Artist Marketing Manager) and Philippe Giard (France, The Orchard - Interactive Marketing Manager).

Attendees will witness live critiques of band websites: The site's design, organization, content and functionality – all will be assessed. How does the website fit with the artist's overall online strategy (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…)? How good it is towards achieving certain goals? How can it be improved?

Rise and Fall of Start-up Businesses
Friday, October 18
10:30AM - 12:00PM

David is a featured speaker on this panel moderated by Virginie Berger (France, marketing expert and founder of DBTH). Other speakers include Fran Cowan (United-Kingdom, Marketing specialist), Guillaume Jouannet (France, Evergig - CEO), Olivier Lacourt (France, Discograph - Director), Emmanuel TELLIER (France, Télérama - International correspondent).

The panel will discuss how start-ups have been changing the landscape of the music industry, as well as exploring why some succeed while other fail, and questioning how many will still be around in the long term. Should be a lively discussion.

Cardiff, Wales
October 23-27

After Paris, David heads to Cardiff, Wales for the WOMEX Conference. WOMEX is a festival, conference and networking platform for the world music industry. Although not speaking on a panel, David will be on hand to talk about Bandzoogle and give free website reviews to anyone that asks. If you’ll be attending the conference and want to get your site reviewed, email him at david[at]bandzoogle[dot]com

You’ll also be able to find him at the RockPaperScissors booth, as Bandzoogle is presenting the release of the “World Music Directory” eBook at WOMEX, which was put together by RockPaperScissors. We’ll send out a link to the eBook through Facebook and Twitter once it’s been released.

Stay tuned to our blog, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates about upcoming events this Fall including in Toronto, and Los Angeles!

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