13 Topics That Musicians Can Easily Blog About

There are plenty of reasons for musicians to blog on a regular basis. First and foremost, blogging is one of the best ways to drive people to your website. Every time you create a new blog post, it’s an excuse for you to invite fans to check out your website.

Blogging also shows that you are active in your career. If a potential fan visits your site, enjoys your music, and then sees that you have months of regular blogging under your belt, they might click on a few posts to get a better sense of your personality. If they really like what they read, you might have a fan for life.

Blogging is a great way for your fans to get to know you better. Reading about you and your art adds context to the music, and that’s how they’ll come to value it more. They might be fans of your music already, but if they become fans of you on top of that, then the music gains an increased perceived value. Our CEO David Dufresne likes to make the comparison of having your music in a gallery versus at IKEA.

Blogging is great for SEO

Improving your SEO (search engine optimization) is another great reason to blog. Simply put, the more you blog, the more Google can find you, and the higher in the search results you will potentially appear based on the keywords, titles and content of your blog posts.

So what can you blog about? Here are 13 topics that musicians can easily blog about:

13 Topics Musicians Can Easily Blog About
Not sure what to blog about? Here’s a quick brainstorm of 13 things you can blog about that might help trigger even more ideas:

  1. Preview an upcoming show

  2. Review a recent show

  3. Stories from the road

  4. Behind the scenes at rehearsals

  5. Songwriting process

  6. Making of your album

  7. Crowdfunding campaign

  8. New gear

  9. Other great bands/musicians in your local scene/genre

  10. Music that’s inspiring you at the moment

  11. Your crazy pet(s)

  12. Passion outside of music (maybe you’re a big sci-fi geek, or have a favorite sports team)

  13. An issue you care deeply about outside of music (the environment, human rights, etc.)

Note: If you do decide to start blogging, it’s really important to keep it up to date. Just as an updated blog can show that you’re active in your career, if your last post is from a year ago, it can create a negative impression. Focus on blogging regularly, rather than trying to make each post perfect.

Photos & Videos

Some of you might be thinking “Well, that’s sounds great, but I’m not good at writing blog posts!”. That’s ok, your blog posts can contain mostly photos, or can even be videos.

Whichever method you are most comfortable communicating with, go for it. The important thing is to post new content on your site on a regular basis where fans can gain some insight into your career and who you are as an artist.

What topics do you blog about? Let us know in the comments!

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